Pathfinder: Gardening Badge Zoom Help

PLEASE NOTE: Since the publication of this post, the Pathfinder Handbook has been published. You can learn more about it here in the announcement on the OSG website.

One of the newest badges available for pathfinders to earn, is the  Gardener Badge which is included in the new Pathfinder Handbook Pre-Release. The 17th Black Bears in Virginia participated in a community garden this summer. They planted, weeded harvested and worked in the garden from April to October. To complete the Gardener Badge they had a few more things to learn and show they knew. So that they could finish the badge during zoom meetings, leaders created this presentation to share with the pathfinders. Pathfinders were asked to participate in discussions and guess as answers related to slides.

Feel free to use this slide show with your group. Keep in mind, your local pests, weeds, and gardening challenges may vary. You can view or download the entire presentation HERE.

Is your group working on any of these new badges? Please share in the comments!


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