Community Gardening

Planting more onions in the spring

Harvesting Onions that were mostly donated to a local food bank.

In the spring, the 17th Black Bear Pathfinders got the chance to have a community garden plot to farm. They jumped at the chance! Getting outside together sounded fun.

The Pathfinder patrols decided what to plant. They were enthusiastic about planting onions! Onions are a good spring or fall crop. The Leaders were skeptical but the onions grew well and created a bountiful crop.  There were enough onions for every scout to take some home and to donate a generous amount to the local food pantry.

They also grew cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins and watermelon. It was a really great learning experience! The Virginia growing season is long, and the scouts chose not to plant a fall crop once their pumpkins were harvested.

Several of the Pathfinder who worked on the Community Garden project plan to complete the brand new Gardener Badge. Now available in the Pre-Release packet.

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