Pathfinder Handbook Pre-Release!

PLEASE NOTE: Since the publication of this post, the Pathfinder Handbook has been published. You can learn more about it here in the announcement on the OSG website.

In advance of the release of the completely new Pathfinder Handbook, the Pathfinder Handbook Committee, has created a set of new badges for our scouts to start earring right now! These badges are a selection of 10 of the many new badges the new program will include. These 10 badges include 2 from the Civics and Community section, 2 from Outdoor Skills, 2 from Life Skills and 2 from Creative Arts. There are also 2 of the new senior level badges, which can be earned by all scouts who have Second Class and are over the age of 14.

You can see the new badge designs have a ring of color that indicates what category the badge belongs to. The badges have a clean simple design that belongs to Outdoor Service Guides, so our badges won’t be confused with those of other organizations.   The new badges are a combination of historical based badges that have been updated, and ones that reflect our values in Outdoor Service Guides.

The Pathfinder Committee welcomes feedback on these badges and would love to know if your scout(s) earn them! You can reach them at

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