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Pathfinder: Gardening Badge Zoom Help

PLEASE NOTE: Since the publication of this post, the Pathfinder Handbook has been published. You can learn more about it here in the announcement on the OSG website. One of the newest badges available for pathfinders to earn, is the  Gardener Badge which is included in the new Pathfinder Handbook Pre-Release. The 17th Black Bears in Virginia participated in a...

Trail Signs: Which Way Do We Go?

Learning how to identify trail signs is an important part of hiking safely. It is also one of the skills pathfinders need to know for their Tenderfoot badge.  Need an easy way to show these to your group?  You can download this presentation here in Google Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MKuAlzI1esViVt4utbWcXyLXzEIifZydaiVM5a2xiCM/edit?usp=sharing

Playing with Pathfinders: Zoom Call Camping RPG

As we continue to meet over zoom, our group needed a lesson plan to work on some leadership skills and to do the second class first aid skills. This meeting outline could also work in person, just make appropriate adjustments to assign roles.  As written, the plan requires 4 adults, but can be adapted. Leader 1: Okay pathfinders, today we...