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Leaf Rubbing: Otter Ideas

Recently, I saw a neat way to do leaf rubbings with kids to make art, and though it would be great for our otters! First, you gather leaves of various shapes. If possible, you can ask scouts to learn what kind of tree or bush their leaves come from. However, that isn’t technically necessary. I find that casually mentioning, “Oh,...

Otter Pals!

From Nicole with the 141st Irregulars in Florida: I’m an Otter leader and one way I’m trying to keep our raft engaged is having them put together an ‘otter buddy’ to scout with while in-person meetings aren’t happening. (This involved me prepping materials and video chatting with the Otter and their parent.) I then mail them their otter buddy and...

What to do with Otters?

Having an Otter Raft is a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work! We have some ideas on how to work on badges and have fun.