Rover Project Badge: Laminated Spars

A tower created by Richard’s pathfinder group with the spars he made!

Richard and two of his pathfinders join the top of the tower to the base.

Rover Richard Sowdon recently completed his Project Badge with a project on laminated spars. He created spars for his pathfinders to use in pioneering projects that are stronger, safer, and more sustainable than harvesting young trees to use as spars.

Richard wrote up the directions for how to make these spars, as part of his badge work. If you’d like to make a set for your troop, you can download his directions, the engineering information, and his complete report here.

Congratulations Richard! We are proud of your accomplishment and excited to share your work with other Rovers! Considering your own project badge?  Here are the requirements!

Project Badge Requirements

  • Choose, plan, and devote at least six months to a project and keep a record of your activities. The project may be defined as a self-imposed task demanding skill, application, and care. You pick the subject of the project. There is no restriction (within reason), but it should be something that bears no direct relationship to your job, and with which you have formerly had little to do, or alternately a subject that you are already well versed, with the intention of reaching a considerably higher standard of achievement in it. The subject chosen for the project should be formally approved by the RSL and the Crew as suitable and worthwhile. The Rover may seek the advice or assistance of the Crew as needed.
  • Report your progress on a regular basis (at least 3 times during the period) to the RSL and Crew. Produce your record or log, supported by any models, charts, maps, exhibits, or other documentation that may be needed to detail it.
  • Produce a talk or demonstration, conduct an expedition or discussion, or by any other method show your RSL and the Crew that you have been active in the pursuit of your choice.

Have you already completed a project?

Send us your report to share!  Send your report and any pictures you would like to include to

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