Bears, Bears, Bears!

Learning about animals is a traditional part of scouting that our scouts have enjoyed. While you can actually visit domesticated animals and track some wild animals, not all are safe for that type of lesson.  Our group has really enjoyed learning about bears and I recently came across this packet of pages that you can use with your group to learn some bear facts, and much more! If you are meeting over zoom, parents may be able to print these for your Timberwolves to use during a meeting.  There are several activities here of games to play, facts to learn, and even a page you can review about what camping practices are safe and which are not, when you are in bear country.

Sometimes, we all just need an idea of something to grab and go, so I hope this helps a few of you who need a new idea right now.

Just be sure to not share your picnic baskets with them!





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