17th BlackBears: Fall 2020

We love seeing what all our groups are doing in the South! It inspires us all to see what is working for other groups.  If you have pictures of your group to share- please send them to us at southregionbpsa@gmail.org

These are a few high lights from the 17th Black Bears this fall. Wearing masks and social distancing while in person, the 17th also continues to meet over zoom, and makes all in person events optional. This fall the BlackBears have met in smaller groups than usual, but scouting continues for them. Hiking, kayaking, backpacking and even an advancement ceremony have taken place for them this fall.

Kayaking makes social distancing easy! This is the Turtle patrol- out on the water!

We masked up to have a ceremony! This pathfinder became a Rover Squire! This is the first homegrown Rover of the 17th!

Even otters can try hiking with a pack! 

Can you make a fire with just 2 matches? This scout can!

Hiking in to camp at Sky Meadows State Park. This one mile hike in trip required each scout bring their own food and tent for safety.

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