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Trail Signs: Which Way Do We Go?

Learning how to identify trail signs is an important part of hiking safely. It is also one of the skills pathfinders need to know for their Tenderfoot badge.  Need an easy way to show these to your group?  You can download this presentation here in Google Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MKuAlzI1esViVt4utbWcXyLXzEIifZydaiVM5a2xiCM/edit?usp=sharing

17th BlackBears: Fall 2020

We love seeing what all our groups are doing in the South! It inspires us all to see what is working for other groups.  If you have pictures of your group to share- please send them to us at southregionbpsa@gmail.org These are a few high lights from the 17th Black Bears this fall. Wearing masks and social distancing while in...