Happy Pride Month!

One of our goals in Outdoor Service Guides is to be radically inclusive.  Why “radically inclusive”?  Because there have been many people denied access to scouting, we seek to fix that. We want to be the place where everyone can scout together. While becoming truly radically inclusive and having scouts of all background is a process, from our founding, we have welcomed scouts who are LGBTQIA+ and they have found a scouting home with us.  Our groups are a safe place to be your authentic self.  Our youth, get to have an accepting home to scout, come out, and transition, if that is their truth. Many adults join us, because they were denied access to scouting in their youth, or were even kicked out due to their identity or orientation. We are all richer for scouting with all of them.


Thank you for being part of our community!  We are so happy to have you here!


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