Rover Resources

Rovers are adult scouts. They are leaders, volunteers, and organizers. But they scouts, too. As Rovers, we live our motto of “Service” by dedicating time to our individual groups, training other Rovers, and keeping OSG running but also dedicating our time and energy outside of scouting to our communities.

You don't have to be a leader of a youth section to be a Rover. You don't have to be a Rover to be a leader. But the connection between Rovering and fostering a love of scouting in the youth of our organization goes hand in hand.

Rover Uniform

Rovers wear a forest green campaign shirt and their group necker. Rovers often wear a hat, either campaign hat or beret and carry a staff.

Rover shirts are button up and have a pocket on each side of the chest. The Tenderfoot badge is worn on the left side under the Inclusivity badge and other special service badges. The WFIS badge is worn on the right, under the OSG Group Name Patch.

You can purchase Rover uniforms and badges from the Quartermaster store.

Rover Handbook

The Rover Handbook can be downloaded as a PDF here. It contains all the information on how to earn Tenderfoot, become a Squire and a Knight, and earn special badges for service to your community and the organization.

You can also order printed copies from the Quartermaster Store.

You can also start earning badges, in our new Rover badge program. These badges can be found in the Rover Badge Supplement booklet. All badges are available to all Rovers who have passed Tenderfoot. If you work on these new badges and have feedback you want to share you can send that to