Exploring the New Pathfinder Materials

If you have been around OSG for a while, you are probably aware that our new Pathfinder Handbook has been a long time coming!  The committee to rewrite that handbook formed in 2019 and spent countless hours writing, rewriting, debating and designing a new handbook that went far beyond the previous handbook.

If you have not yet gotten a copy, you can explore the PDF here. This new handbook includes many topics that were neglected in our old book. It includes instructions for knot tying, with graphics!  It includes a new, up to date, first aid section.  It also includes a recipes, packing instructions, information on campaigning and more. The handbooks are written directly to the pathfinders with thought provoking questions and room for notes.

In addition to the new handbook, you can also down load a copy of just the awards parts here.  This way you can more quickly pull up requirements on your phone, or print just what you need for a scout meeting.

We also have a Pathfinder Leader Guide to help you. This guide is inclusive of OSG policies you need to know for leading pathfinders and has insights from the committee that wrote the handbook. The things you need to know as a leader, that didn’t fit into the book for the pathfinders are in here. It also gives you more insight into the different ages of pathfinders. Though we group ages 11-17 into a single category, leading a group of 11 year olds is very different than a group of 16 year olds. This guide can help you think through the challenges of different ages and what is typical for kids in that age group. It also explains ideas and terminology for those who haven’t led pathfinders before, while sharing wisdom from experienced leaders.

Leading pathfinders can be both amazing and challenging. We hope that all of these resources makes it a little bit easier.

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