Monthly Archive: May 2020

Timber Wolves, beyond the Howling

Running a Timberwolf pack can be both extremely rewarding and extremely challenging. Scouts this age are ready to start doing more than they were capable of as otters, but they still need a lot...

Camping with Kids with Food Allergies

BPSA is all about inclusive scouting and making everyone feel welcome. One way to be inclusive is in meal planning. The more allergies your group has, the more challenging it can be to feed everyone.

What to do with Otters?

Having an Otter Raft is a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work! We have some ideas on how to work on badges and have fun.

Social Distance Scouting with BPSA

As social distancing and the challenges of Covid-19 continue, your group may find they want to meet on-line. There are several ways to do this.